We help drillers drill faster and longer and we are confident that we will be the last drill bit service you will ever need!

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With 30 years of professional experience, our family-owned and operated company is here to help with your drill bit needs.


Your satisfaction is our number one goal! thanks to our commitment to quality. Feel comfortable asking our knowledgeable staff any questions about your drilling projects.

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When you need drill bit repairs, you need our educated team. We'll quickly repair any brand or size, and offer advice about the type you're using.


With our wide-range of services, attitude, and the desire to take on any challenge, we're your #1 choice.


We also design and build PDC Drill Bits according to your needs.

Maximize your drilling profits

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For several years, our brand of bits, Life Force, has been a premium product.


Purchase drill sticks and a huge variety of bits for any of your drilling needs.


New and used drill bits are available. WE OFFER RENTALS OF OUR DRILL BITS.


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Trust our top-rated members of National Ground Water Association and Texas Ground Water Association. We're recognized in leading industry magazines like the 2014 National Driller Sourcebook and Worldwide Drilling Resource Magazine.

Drill faster and longer

Always expect fast turnarounds for your drill bit sales and repairs.

Our dedicated team ships worldwide and accepts all types of payments for your drilling projects.

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We repair all brands of PDC Bits!


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PDC Cutter

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